D-Skwared Productions | It's "Pittsburgh Day!" (4.12)

It's "Pittsburgh Day!" (4.12)

April 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Good evening, everyone! The weather was absolutely wonderful today! I hope you all had a chance to get out and enjoy it like we did. Although it isn't "official," many in our region might consider today as being "Pittsburgh Day," because it's April 12th, or 4/12. Those of us from Pittsburgh often refer to our city/region as "The 412," as it's our local telephone area code. But I digress... Tonight's photo, although taken last week, comes to you from Allegheny Commons East Park, just north of downtown Pittsburgh. From the park, you can get a pretty nice view of the Pittsburgh skyline. And because it's not right along the north shore, you can get a wider angle of view from here. I'll explain why I was over this way in a later blog post, but for now, enjoy the view and have a great week ahead!