D-Skwared Productions | Pittsburgh Street Art by Shepard Fairey (#1)

Pittsburgh Street Art by Shepard Fairey (#1)

March 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Good evening, everyone! Last summer, I happened to run across this street art mural while participating in an "Instameet" with the Steel City Grammers group. I thought it was pretty interesting, snapped a quick photo, and continued on. However, I found another mural of similar styling again last December in a completely different part of the city. So, I started to look into it to see if they were any others in addition to these two.

As it turns out, it was part of a street art exhibit by Shepard Fairey for the G20 summit held back in 2009. In doing my research, it looks like there are 24 murals scattered throughout the city, including downtown, the South Side Flats, Lawrenceville, Oakland, and others. I also found out that Fairey is also the artist behind the "HOPE" poster used during President Barack Obama's 2008 election campaign. 

This was the first of Fairey's street art murals that I managed to stumble upon. Oddly enough, I discovered the second mural while taking the bus into the city last December. Hopefully, I can get around to finding the other 22 murals, assuming they're all still in place. I guess we'll see what happens.